boxing lessons by marcus Upshaw

Greetings. My name is Marcus . I am a professional boxer, ranked #12 in the United States of America in the Middle Weight Class Division and #40 in the World. I am also a world-class personal trainer and Boxing instructor. I specialize in Boxing, Muay Thai, Boot Camps, and Weight Training among other things. What sets me apart from any other trainer is my passion to see my clients exceed their goals. I push my clients to limits they would have never imagined they could surpass. Most clients train with me five days a week and some clients train with me one day a week. The boxing gym that I train out of is in Hollywood/Pembroke Pines. I also make house calls. Another attribute that sets me apart from other trainers is that I picked up Boxing and Muay Thai at five years old. That means I have twenty-seven years of experience in Boxing and Muay Thai. As far as weight loss and gain, there is one simple equation to follow. In order to lose weight, increase physical activity and decrease calorie intake. To gain weight, decrease physical activity and increase calorie intake. Click on the Contact Us tab to inquire more information or to simply book a boxing lesson session with me. my rates are $50/hr USD. Marcus Upshaw will now be hosting a boxing boot camp starting Saturday 6/14/14. every Saturday from 8:00 AM-9:30 AM. The cost is $10/person. contact us for more information.